Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Addition to the Cullpepper PC

I recently picked up an 06 Upper Deck Game Jersey Card of Daunte Culpepper off of Sportlots for a little under two dollars delivered. While not an extravagant card by any means, it still fills a hole in my newly started Daunte Culpepper collection. I didn't have any memorabilia cards of Culpepper until I purchased this card. What I like most about this card is that Daunte is pictured in a Vikings Uniform and that the Jersey Swatch is from a Vikings uniform. When I think of Daunte Culpepper, I think of his days with the vikings and I want that to be represented in my collection. I could care less about what he did with Dolphins, Raiders, and Lions.
This card also highlights one of my beliefs that collecting should be about fun rather than value. The card itself has a book value of $5 (For Comparison, the David Carr Variation of the card books $10). I am just as much a sucker for the low numbered, multi-colored cards as everyone else is, but I'm glad that I still have lower valued cards with sentimental meanings to look back to.

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